Confidence WorkOut!

As all our staff have (or have had) mental health problems we understand how hard it is to realise our full potential. We run the Confidence WorkOut! - A short course (between 6 and 8 weeks) aimed at preparing people who have had mental health problems to engage in work, productivity and/or  education.

Where: Confidence WorkOut! Can be run where best suits you.  We work all over the country but we are based in London and Yorkshire.

When: We will schedule a timetable that works for you.

Who: The course will be delivered by an experienced trainer

What: The course looks at preparing people to enter or re-enter the work force. There are no problems too big.  We happily welcome everyone

How: We use case studies, video presentation, group work, self reflective exercises, presentation and some (optional) role play.

Why: Our course gives people the confidence to get into or back to work/education.